About Me

Hello! I'm Manuel Benancio, but you can call me Kembec, a nickname derived from the letters of my full name. I was born in Peru 🇵🇪 and my fascination with technology began in 2008 when, as a child, I started experimenting with ActionScript in Flash CS3. That initial game soon became the foundation upon which I built my programming skills.

Over time, my interest deepened, and I moved on to more advanced technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. During those early years, I developed static websites and forums using phpBB and vBulletin, and I delved into the world of jQuery. This formative stage was crucial, as it allowed me to acquire a solid foundation in web development.

In 2014, my career took a new direction towards marketing. I used my programming skills to optimize and automate business processes, allowing me to merge technology with business strategy. This experience enriched my professional profile, enabling me to offer technological solutions that truly met market needs.

My focus shifted even more towards frontend development starting in 2018, using modern frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. I chose Vue to develop applications at Syma, the startup I co-founded. As CTO of Syma, I led the creation of integrated solutions for point-of-sale and electronic billing, culminating in the successful sale of our intellectual property in 2023. This achievement not only validated my technical skills but also highlighted my leadership and effective communication abilities.

In addition to my experience in software development, I have a strong focus on infrastructure management. I configure and maintain Nginx servers and use Docker for container orchestration, ensuring that applications are scalable and robust. In the cloud, I manage platforms like Azure and AWS, where I deploy services such as EC2, RDS, S3, and SQS for efficient and flexible deployments. I also handle Cloudflare tools, which allow me to optimize content delivery and enhance application security through its content delivery network and integrated cybersecurity services.

From 2024, I am dedicating more effort to deepen in DevOps, seeking to integrate operations and development more effectively to optimize software deployment processes. Always in search of new challenges, I strive to keep learning and adapting to the dynamics of a constantly evolving sector, always ready to take my career to the next level.

My latest works

Software Development and Advertising Consultant Grupo Anta

2020 2024

As a consultant at Grupo Anta, I played a key role in helping Latin American companies evolve in the digital era. My focus was on facilitating the transition from traditional operations to innovative practices, positioning them to lead in their respective fields. I actively contributed to the development and integration of new technological solutions and digital marketing strategies, ensuring that our clients not only adapted but also thrived in the changing digital landscape.

CTO & Co-Founder Syma.pe

2018 2023

In my role as CTO and co-founder of Syma.pe, I led the development of the product and innovation strategy, which significantly expanded my leadership and team management skills. In addition to my technical responsibilities, I took on strategic leadership roles, managing essential aspects of the business. This entrepreneurial journey successfully culminated in the sale of the software's intellectual property, marking a milestone in my career and reinforcing my experience in driving and scaling tech startups.

Freelancer Kembec

2014 Present

The flexibility of being a freelancer has been one of the most enriching facets of my career. Over the years, this arrangement has allowed me to explore a variety of projects and technologies, keeping me constantly updated and engaged. Freelancing offers a refreshing balance and diversity that revitalizes my passion for technology, allowing me to always return with new perspectives and renewed energy to tackle complex challenges.