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My latest works

Consultant Grupo Anta

2020 2024

In my role at Grupo Anta, I work as a consultant in software development and advertising, collaborating with a team that's passionate about helping Latin American businesses evolve. We aim to assist these companies in transitioning from traditional operations to become leaders in their fields through the adoption of modern tools and strategies. My contribution involves offering support and sharing expertise to encourage the integration of innovative solutions, enabling our clients to thrive in today's digital landscape.

CTO & Co-Founder Syma.pe

2018 2023

In this entrepreneurial venture, I served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), overseeing product development and innovation. This role significantly enhanced my leadership skills and team management capabilities. As a founder, I frequently assumed responsibilities akin to those of a CEO, providing me with a broader perspective on business management. My journey culminated in the successful sale of the software's intellectual property, marking the conclusion of my involvement in this remarkable experience.

Freelancer Kembec

2014 Present

Being a freelancer is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable experiences I've had. Over time, I've occasionally had to pause my freelance activities, but I always return to it as a refreshing escape from environments that can become monotonous over extended periods.


Consulta RUC

Consulta RUC

This application leverages SUNAT's "Padrón Reducido" (a public information database) to retrieve taxpayer data, which can be invaluable for accounting and billing purposes. Developed using Docker, it employs Elasticsearch to efficiently parse large databases, with Python managing the backend operations and React powering the frontend, ensuring a seamless user experience.



Cresum is a web application designed for individuals who want to create their resumes securely and privately. Unlike other services, Cresum does not store users' personal information on external servers. Instead, all information is directly embedded within the URL. This, along with a link shortening service, provides a unique and secure alternative for online resume creation.



CodeToImage is a tool designed to convert HTML + CSS code into images. This is particularly useful in specific situations where a block of code needs to be used as an image, making it easier to integrate code elements into visual formats and present code examples in a more aesthetic and understandable way.

Tailwind Tools

Tailwind Tools

Tailwind Tools is a portal dedicated to supplementary resources for Tailwind CSS. It offers a variety of tools, from plugins and components to templates, designed to enhance and facilitate the development of web projects. This resource is aimed at developers looking to maximize the efficiency and quality of their projects using Tailwind CSS.

Code Time Limiter

Code Time Limiter

Code Time Limiter is a Visual Studio Code extension that helps manage coding time. Set a coding time limit, and it automatically flags lint errors in open editors as a gentle reminder when your time's up. Ideal for managing project time, enforcing breaks, or ensuring work-life balance.

My Toolbox


Apple Ecosystem

Debian for servers and MacOS for my desktop.

Arc Browser

Quickly became my default browser.


My project logbook, easy to share and use in teams.


Whenever I have questions, this app helps kickstart my learning.


My brain in Markdown, easily uses JS and is locally hosted.



No worries about remembering passwords, it's working well for me so far.


An antivirus is never unnecessary.



Essential for communication.

Google Meet

I pay for Google Workspace.


All my emails in one place.



Completely replaced Sketch.

Adobe Illustrator

The tool I use the most within Adobe's suite since the CS3 version.

Affinity Designer

Like Illustrator but with a one-time fee.

Coding Tools

Visual Studio Code

Simple and versatile, maintained by Microsoft but open source.


I was once a GitLab follower and a GitHub critic.


Combines SSH and FTP, supports multiple devices. It might not be the best, but I like it.


Many alternatives for API testing have emerged, but none have convinced me to switch.


I always use it for security, optimization, and infrastructure all in one place.



The safety of working with types in JavaScript.


PHP was my first language, Laravel my go-to for backend development.


It may make HTML harder to read, but it's so easy to use.


React and Angular might be more popular, Svelte easier to use, but none compares to Vue.


There's no more rewarding way to develop static websites.

React Native

The best way to create apps is natively, but it doesn't always make a big difference.


My favorite SQL, great performance and open source.


A love/hate relationship, but my first choice for scripting.

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