Technical Consultancy: Jewelry E-commerce

Client: [Private] - Arequipa, Peru

Product: E-commerce for Jewelry Sales

Service: Technical Consultancy

Performing Company: Grupo Anta

Working Method: Collaboration with a team of 2 company programmers

Date: 2023

Technical Dossier

1. Technical Objectives

The main objective of the technical consultancy was to improve the performance and efficiency of the jewelry e-commerce. This would be achieved by optimizing client-side loading, removing unnecessary plugins, improving Wordpress functions for exclusive backend use, and optimizing the caching of API JSON requests. Additionally, SEO strategies were to be implemented to improve visibility in search engines.

2. Technical Challenges

3. Technologies Used

4. Technical Limitations

5. Lessons Learned

Implementation Plan

Phase 1: Analysis and Audit

Phase 2: Planning and Design

Phase 3: Implementation

Phase 4: Testing and Optimization

Expected Results