My Project Technical Dossiers

Welcome to the Projects section!

Here, you'll find the technical dossiers of my most innovative and challenging projects. Each dossier offers a detailed view of the solutions and technologies I implemented, highlighting the development process and the challenges I faced and overcame.

In some cases, due to client decisions, I won't mention the product names but will emphasize all the relevant technical information. Since these projects are closed-source, I can't share the source code directly. However, if you're interested in seeing examples of my work with open-source projects, I invite you to visit the Open Source section. There, you'll find projects available for you to explore and contribute to.

I hope you enjoy discovering the ingenuity and innovation behind each of these projects. Technology is a fascinating journey, and every project has its own unique story!

Technical Consul

Technical Consultancy: Jewelry E-commerce

Discover the strategies behind a high-performing jewelry E-commerce!

POS and Electron POS Software + Electronic Billing

Delve into the stages of POS system development, tackling technical challenges and solutions.