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Hi everyone!
Flash CS3 Discovery
My first programming experience was with a tutorial disk for Flash CS3. I was interested in the ActionScript section and started exploring programming. I just copied and pasted code, but it was a good introduction. I liked spending hours on tech forums, there were many new and exciting things that I didn't understand.
PHP Learning Journey
I tried every tutorial I found. From formatting my computer to 'speeding up my internet' by changing Windows registry and service configurations. That's how I started programming with PHP since it had the most tutorials. Soon, I realized I needed HTML, CSS, and MySQL to create a complete website.
jQuery Introduction
I already knew some basic HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL concepts. I spent hours downloading community-shared pages and trying to figure out how they were made. Each project was unique, there was no standard like there is now, but one of them featured a strange and distinct code. That's how I discovered jQuery.
Self-Taught Progress
During my free time, I focused on learning to play the guitar and continued learning programming. It was hard to make progress on my own, but I didn't want to stop.
Photography Passion
That was the year I fell in love with photography! I realized the power of DSLRs and immersed myself in the thrilling world of image editing with Photoshop and Lightroom. I remember my first camera, a Canon T3, and loved experimenting with light.
Marketing Education
I had to work to pay bills and tuition, so I decided to study Marketing instead of programming. I wasn't sure if my disorganized learning style would attract any companies in Peru. It was a tough decision, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Consolidation Period
These years were my consolidation period. I only worked, studied, and rested. It was like sharpening a tool, being patient and dedicated, even though I didn't see immediate results. But I trusted I was molding myself for something better.
Back to Programming
I went back to programming to support my marketing work. What a surprise I had when I realized all the changes in the industry! Was jQuery bad? What's up with React, Vue, and Angular? There was so much to learn!
Entrepreneurial Adventure
I really liked programming but I didn't know if I wanted to look for a programming job, so I started a business with some friends. We created a SAAS point-of-sale and electronic invoicing platform called Syma.pe. It was a great adventure and I learned a lot about software development, leadership, and teamwork. We didn't become Salesforce, but at least I could make a living from programming.
Reorganized Learning
I decided to sell my shares in the company to keep learning. I realized that even though I learned a lot, there was still disorder. Some things were working well, but without good practices

Why Kembec?

It's simple, it's the acronym of my full name. You can call me Kembec or Manuel, it's up to you.